Monday, August 22, 2011

"Back to the Grind"

Well the day finally came, school is back going and the house and my office are quiet again. My only distraction is Harley, the dog, and he pretty much sleeps all day. I am going to be choosing a new project to start on in the next couple of days. My families annual Cancer Memorial Benefit Golf Tournament is just around the corner and I will be busy with that as well. I feel rejuvenated and am ready to start producing art again. I hope that I have some followers that will pick back up and start reading the blog on a daily basis. I intend to highlight my art and the art of others that I choose along the way. Hope you can spare a little time out of your schedule to come along for the daily ride. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Summer Break"

I am still on hiatus from the daily rigors of the blog and tweets, but I am not sitting idle. I have been designing furniture for a remodeled home and have also been asked to produce multiple paintings to hang in the newly remodeled lobby of a local office. I hope to get back to the grind that is my blog when school starts back up and the house and my studio become a more quiet environment to work in. If anyone needs help in producing art for whatever projects that they are working on just contact me through this website and facebook and I will respond. Thanks and Have a Great Summer!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


From mild to wild when you paint portraits you have the power to turn your subject into anyone that you want. You can bring the subtle nuances of their face to the canvas or you can turn the other way and really blow your portrait right off the page. The most important thing to remember is to catch the basics of your paintee and let your viewer connect the dots the way that they view your subject. When you cross the line of too much detail you take away the work that the person you are trying to contact puts into your painting. Always leave something to the imagination - everyone has their own view on what someone else looks like and they can insert their views onto your painting. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Portraits are a great way to catch a moment in time of a person's life. I like to work with photos and make subtle changes to bring out the personality and nuances that every person has. Sometimes a photograph becomes very stiff and unrelenting, whereas a painted portrait can be flowing and not so harsh. I have painted many child portraits - giving the parents a permanent memento of a child's life. If any parents or kids need a portrait of  their child or their parent or someone special to them, please contact me to help you get a different perspective on that person than what you could get with a photograph. My pricing is pretty close to what a photographer would charge and the lasting beauty of my paintings will be a lifetime of joy. Thanks!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Choosing the RIGHT Painting"

An exciting opportunity has been extended to me through the efforts of one of my best friends, J. Hugh Green. He has worked with Ennis State Bank to allow me to hang some of my paintings in their newly remodeled lobby of the main bank. This is an honor to me and I must make sure that the paintings I choose are the best for the location. I am mulling over my choices and hope to have them in place within a week. If you would like to help me make these choices, please go to my gallery site - Fine Art America - Kirby Crow and make you choices and leave a comment. That way when the final choices are made your input will be used. Hope to see many comments on the site. Enjoy!